Our 2019 Cast!

Rehearsals start next week and we couldn't be more excited for this year's cast, orchestra, and crew!


Lt. Frank Cioffi - Mike Boyle Niki Harris - Amanda Schaer Georgia Hendricks - Beth McKelvey Aaron Fox - Peter Heinrich Carmen Bernstein - Trish LaGrua Bambi Bernet - Melanie Warren Bobby Peppers - Mike Oboy

Randy Dexter - Nick Eby

Harv Fremont - Brad Serbus Christopher Belling - David Roast Oscar Shapiro - Tim Hamlin Johnny Harmon - Steph Turner Busiel Sidney Bernstein - David Fleishman Jessica Cranshaw - Mary Orth Daryl Grady - Chris Busiel Sasha Iljinsky- Sara R. Hanson (Conductor)

Det. O'Farrell - Stever Orth

Roberta Wooster - Jenny Whitmer

Mona Page - Jen Clemens

Women's Ensemble

Annie LaRouche -Sullivan Hester

Arlene Barucca - Katie Briggs

Barbara Reed - Stephanie Nelson

Betty Wright - Trudy Mower

Connie Subbotin - Alyssa Gregor

Doris Bailey - Liesl Langley

Elsie MacFarling - Rebecca Hoffman

Hazel Cooper - Margaret Lang

Jane Setler - Karen Fischer

Katja Clark - Leigh Jacobson

Loretta Daniels - Lynn Schnaiberg

Marjorie Cook - Katrina Beyer

Peg Prentice - Annie Hayward

Men's Ensemble

Brick Hawvermale - Brad Lenz

Donald Parker - David Fleishman

Eugene Miller - Chris Busiel

Leo King - Steve Orth

Max Powell - Eric Kungl

Mitch Diaz - David LangRoy

Ronnie Driscoll - Cameron Keyes

Roy Stetson - Peter Czark

Russ Cochran - Jan Tackett

Tommy Orhman - Nigel Collier


​Piano Conductor - Sara R. Hanson

Woodwind 1 - David Hyre, Jane McKelvey

Woodwind 2 - Kelly Baker, Max McKelvey

Woodwind 3 - Jayne Marquess, Hayden Gizinski, Cody Clarke

Woodwind 4 - Hayden Gizinski, Dan Siemann, Kelly Baker, Paula King, Cody Clark

Horn 1 - Christopher Lee

Trumpet 1 - Claire Torgelson

Trumpet 2 - Dan Rowe

Trombone 1 - Aidan Fleet

Trombone 2 - Sam and Charlie Orth

Bass (Acoustic) - Michael Moore

Drums - Percy Boyle

Percussion - Sean MG

Production Team

​Director - Scot Charles Anderson

Producer - Linda Joss

Music Director - Sara R. Hanson

Choreographer - Mackenzie Platt

Stage Manager - Veronica Murray

Asst. Stage Manager - Justine Williams

Set Designer- Abigail Maxey

Set Builder - Jim Durand

Set Manager - Holly Salowey

Light Designer - Gabe Airth

Costumer Designer - Sue Gregor

Co-Props Designer - Michelle Fasser

Co-Props Designer - Chrissy Bauer

Sound Designer / Engineer - Mychal Ducken

Production Assistant - Spencer Fekete

Photo credit: Sullivan Hester


To create the opportunity for adult members of the Woodland Park community to get involved in the many aspects of theater while creating lasting friendships that build a stronger community and to support arts programs in our neighborhood public schools.

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