Our 2019 Cast!

Rehearsals start next week and we couldn't be more excited for this year's cast, orchestra, and crew!


Lt. Frank Cioffi - Mike Boyle Niki Harris - Amanda Schaer Georgia Hendricks - Beth McKelvey Aaron Fox - Peter Heinrich Carmen Bernstein - Trish LaGrua Bambi Bernet - Melanie Warren Bobby Peppers - Mike Oboy

Randy Dexter - Nick Eby

Harv Fremont - Brad Serbus Christopher Belling - David Roast Oscar Shapiro - Tim Hamlin Johnny Harmon - Steph Turner Busiel Sidney Bernstein - David Fleishman Jessica Cranshaw - Mary Orth Daryl Grady - Chris Busiel Sasha Iljinsky- Sara R. Hanson (Conductor)

Det. O'Farrell - Stever Orth

Roberta Wooster - Jenny Whitmer

Mona Page - Jen Clemens

Women's Ensemble

Annie LaRouche -Sullivan Hester

Arlene Barucca - Katie Briggs

Barbara Reed - Stephanie Nelson

Betty Wright - Trudy Mower

Connie Subbotin - Alyssa Gregor

Doris Bailey - Liesl Langley

Elsie MacFarling - Rebecca Hoffman

Hazel Cooper - Margaret Lang

Jane Setler - Karen Fischer

Katja Clark - Leigh Jacobson

Loretta Daniels - Lynn Schnaiberg

Marjorie Cook - Katrina Beyer

Peg Prentice - Annie Hayward

Men's Ensemble

Brick Hawvermale - Brad Lenz

Donald Parker - David Fleishman

Eugene Miller - Chris Busiel

Leo King - Steve Orth

Max Powell - Eric Kungl

Mitch Diaz - David LangRoy

Ronnie Driscoll - Cameron Keyes

Roy Stetson - Peter Czark

Russ Cochran - Jan Tackett

Tommy Orhman - Nigel Collier


​Piano Conductor - Sara R. Hanson

Woodwind 1 - David Hyre, Jane McKelvey

Woodwind 2 - Kelly Baker, Max McKelvey

Woodwind 3 - Jayne Marquess, Hayden Gizinski, Cody Clarke

Woodwind 4 - Hayden Gizinski, Dan Siemann, Kelly Baker, Paula King, Cody Clark

Horn 1 - Christopher Lee

Trumpet 1 - Claire Torgelson

Trumpet 2 - Dan Rowe

Trombone 1 - Aidan Fleet

Trombone 2 - Sam and Charlie Orth

Bass (Acoustic) - Michael Moore

Drums - Percy Boyle

Percussion - Sean MG

Production Team

​Director - Scot Charles Anderson

Producer - Linda Joss

Music Director - Sara R. Hanson

Choreographer - Mackenzie Platt

Stage Manager - Veronica Murray

Asst. Stage Manager - Justine Williams

Set Designer- Abigail Maxey

Set Builder - Jim Durand

Set Manager - Holly Salowey

Light Designer - Gabe Airth

Costumer Designer - Sue Gregor

Co-Props Designer - Michelle Fasser

Co-Props Designer - Chrissy Bauer

Sound Designer / Engineer - Mychal Ducken

Production Assistant - Spencer Fekete

Photo credit: Sullivan Hester


To create the opportunity for the Woodland Park community to get involved in the many aspects of theater while creating lasting friendships that build stronger community and to support arts programs for Seattle area public school students.

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