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Audition Information 2022/23

All Auditions and Callbacks are held this year at:

Greenwood Senior Center
525 N 85th St, Seattle, WA 98103

Saturday, Nov. 12th, 4-9 pm
Sunday, Nov.13th, 4-6 pm

Choose an audition slot from Sign Up Genius

*Please arrive 15 mins before your audition time. Be able

to provide any scheduling conflicts you might have and what part(s) you are interested in.

** Rehearsals run from Jan 15th-April 1st, Mon-Thur 7-10PM and some weekends.There is no rehearsal during Seattle Public School Mid Winter Break, Feb 18th-24th.


Sunday, Nov. 13th, 6:15-9 pm

Everyone must attend, wear comfortable clothes you can really move in


(by Invitation)

Saturday, Nov. 19th, 4-9 pm

To try out for a lead or supporting role, please prepare:

  • 1-minute monologue, of your choice

  • 1-minute song (verse and a chorus), sheet music in the right key, is mandatory

To try out for the ensemble, please prepare:

  • 1-minute monologue, story or joke

  • 1-minute song (song of your choice), sheet music in the right key, is mandatory


Song Options:

  • You can choose 1-minute of your own, one of these songs from SpamalotOR you can sing a well known song with our pianist such as Happy Birthday or Twinkle Twinkle. Please note: Our pianist will not play many other songs without sheet music.



To audition for the cast, you must meet at least one of the following:

  • GEOZONE: Reside within the WPP defined geozone, which is the area:

    • ○South of N. 80th St.

    • ○West of Aurora Ave N/SR-99

    • ○North of N. 50th St.

    • ○East of 8th Ave NW

    • ○WEST WOODLAND ELEMENTARY (WWE) CONNECTION: Current or former parent or staff member of West Woodland Elementary School, or former student 21 years or older.

    • ○INAUGURAL CAST MEMBER: Member of the inaugural 2016 WPP cast of Oklahoma!

It is important to note, as WPP grows in popularity, there’s always the possibility that we may have more people audition than we have space for.  The board of directors has developed these Guiding Principles to define eligibility requirements  and to help inform casting decisions for the director and production staff.


If more people audition than the show requires, cuts will be made. Should cuts be necessary, the director and producer will work together to make casting decisions based on talent, fit, and balance of past, current and new members. Final casting decisions will be done by lottery if necessary. Any eligible person who is cut from a production and who joins the crew, will be considered with higher priority the next time they audition.     

  1. Commitments: Once selected, you must commit to the rehearsal schedule and sign a “commitment statement” at our WPP Mandatory Business Meeting in early December.

  2. Attendance: You must attend all scheduled rehearsals for which you are called, prearranged conflicts notwithstanding. Final rehearsal schedule is made available in mid-December.

  3. Annual Dues: All cast members must pay $75 annual membership dues (scholarships are available). To request a scholarship, please email Linda ( or our board treasurer, Ivonne (

  4. Ticket sales:  All cast members commit to selling at least 10 tickets for the performances. Invite all your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Post our show on your Social Media, send out emails, get your friends, family, co-workers to come! Ticket sales begin mid-February, link will be on our website:


We use the website Stage Agent ( to define roles:

ENSEMBLE: Approx. 2+ dance scenes, appearing in other scenes throughout musical, possibly lesser rehearsal commitment than leads and supporting roles (depending on the needs of the production).


SUPPORTING/FEATURED ROLE: Approx. 4+ scenes, several speaking parts and larger rehearsal commitment


LEAD ROLE: 5+ scenes, major dialogue and maximum of rehearsals


Who is eligible to be part of the crew or orchestra?

There is not any criteria to join our crew or orchestra. We welcome anyone that has a desire to join in! With each production, we are in need of:​

  • Set design and building

  • Props

  • Costumes

  • Concessions

  • Video/photography

  • Light and sound

  • Hair & Make-up crew

  • House and publicity

  • Musicians

NOTE: We are aware the roles in Spamalot are mostly male gender. However, our director will be looking to make at least half of the roles female-gender.

Where can I find a monologue and sheet music for my audition?

Our members say they search the internet for monologues using gender, age, comedy or serious.

One site for monologues is: Monologue Archives –


One site for songs is: Music Notes–


Is there someone to discuss my questions about participating in WPP
(cast, crew, orchestra?)

WPP has many veteran members that would be great mentors. We have many people willing to talk to people about auditions, rehearsals, crew expectations/needs, playing in our orchestra, joining the company, etc. Please send Linda an email or a text, and she will happily connect you to someone in the company.


We love questions and comments, they help our company grow!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your producer, Linda Joss,  at or 206-353-5677.

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