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Get involved

There is a place for everyone in Woodland Park Players. Whether you’ve been itching to polish your acting chops, play in a live orchestra pit, or put your carpentry skills to use, we have a role for you. Come discover the magic of creating something out of nothing and find out what all the fun is about!

We are community.


Your time in the spotlight!

Participation as a cast member in Woodland Park Players productions shall be available to all WPP dues-paying Members in good standing who:

    1. Are 18 yrs. old AND out of high school 

    2. And who:

  • a. Reside within the WPP defined geozone, which is the area:

  • South of N 80th St.

  • West of Aurora Ave N/SR-99

  • North of N 46th St.

  • East of 15th Ave NW; or

  • b. have a child/ward attending West Woodland Elementary School; or

  • c. are employed at West Woodland Elementary School; or

  • d. have previously participated in any prior WPP production; or

  • e. do not reside in the geozone and are invited by the Producer because they offer unique talents or diversity; and

  • f. sign our Code of Conduct.


To preserve our neighborhood community, in any given show we aim to insure 75% of our cast will reside in the geozone, have or had a child/ward attending West Woodland or work at the school, or have participated in any prior WPP production through the spring of 2023.


Everything from costumes to set building.

Come join one of our many fun crews! No experience required. It literally takes a village to put on an all-volunteer show of this size each year. Come learn a new skill or share one you already have. We can always use more help with costumes, set building, props, video/photography, concessions, front of house, marketing.


Music to our ears!

Our all-volunteer orchestra is made up of adults and students from the greater neighborhood. Auditions are held in December. There are currently no eligibility requirements for participating in our orchestra, and the instruments we need vary with every show and every score.


We couldn't do it without you.

What was once just a pie-in-the-sky idea has blossomed before our eyes into a full-blown, neighborhood-powered musical theater company. And it’s all because of people like you—your creativity, your dedication, your ingenuity and, yes, your financial support. Membership is open to anyone and is a great way to support WPP, whether you are on stage, behind the curtain, in the pit—or, most importantly, in the audience! We couldn’t do it without you.

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