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Why is a theatre company doing a flocking fundraiser? 

Every Spring we give thousands of dollars to organizations and schools providing arts programming for kids in Seattle area public schools, with a focus on supporting groups that work with kids farthest from educational justice.

We have always relied on ticket sales to raise money to give away, and the pandemic has put a stop to our performances for the time being. We don't want this to stop us from donating money to worthy organizations across the city, thus...a flocking fundraiser!


How to flock your friends:

Click on the button below and fill out the form. For only $29, the flamingos will visit your friends for at least 48 hours.


You will know the flock arrived when you get a call or text from your friend.


NOTE: Flamingos ONLY travel within these 3 zip codes: 98103, 98107, and 98117

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