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Join the 2020-2023 WPP Board

We are looking to fill three WPP board positions to help bring WPP into our next chapter: Member at Large, Treasurer, and Vice President. Learn about the responsibilities for each of the open positions below.

Member at Large

The Member at Large serves as a liaison between the board of directors and the general membership. Duties are assigned on a case-by-case basis, according to need and skillsets. For example, in 2019, our Member at Large board member led our costume inventory project.


The treasurer is an active member of the board and has these additional duties:

  • Prepare and present an annual financial statement for the WPP at the Annual Meeting

  • Prepare and submit a yearly budget for approval by the Board (based on the budget for years prior)

  • Prepare any financial reports or other documentation required by federal, state or local government (working with our accountant)

  • Write checks to staff, to the theater, to people who need to be reimbursed, etc.

  • Collect membership dues

  • Create relationship with crew heads to administer their individual budgets

Vice President

The Vice President is an active member of the board and has these additional duties:

  • Chair meetings and preside over Board functions in the absence of the President

  • Fulfill other duties of the President when necessary due to an absence

  • Perform other duties as directed by the Board

Note that our hope is for the VP to step into the President position in July 2021.


The President is an active member of the board and is also the official point person for the organization. The President works hand-in-hand with the board and the producer. The President has the following duties:

  • Run the board meetings and membership meetings

  • Supervise and control the organization’s business and affairs

  • Perform other duties the board deems necessary

  • Serve as Principal Executive of the organization

Need more info on what joining the board entails? Check out last week's Q&A.

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