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2019 Audition Details

Interested in auditioning for a role in our 2019 production of Curtains? Here's everything you need to know:

DATES - Mark your calendar

  • General Auditions: Saturday, Nov. 10, 10am-3pm

  • Mandatory Dance Call: Tuesday, Nov. 13, 6-10pm

  • Call Backs: Thursday, Nov. 15, 6-10pm

  • Auditions for people who fall outside WPP eligibility criteria: Saturday, Nov 17, 10:15am-12pm


All auditions will be held at West Woodland Cafeteria (5601 4th Ave NW, Seattle)


Members of the ensemble must meet at least one of the following:

  • GEOZONE: Reside within the WPP defined geozone, which is the area:

  • South of N. 80th St.

  • West of Aurora Ave N/SR-99

  • North of N. 50th St.

  • East of 8th Ave NW

  • WEST WOODLAND ELEMENTARY CONNECTION: Current or former parent or staff member of West Woodland Elementary School, or former student 21 years or older.

  • INAUGURAL CAST MEMBER: Member of the inaugural 2016 WPP cast of Oklahoma!


  • For Lead or Supporting role, please prepare:

  • Monologue -- less than one minute memorized.

  • 60-second song (verse and a chorus). Sheet music mandatory.

  • For Ensemble, please prepare:

  • Monologue--less than one minute. Can also be story or joke to tell. Can be read or memorized.

  • 60-second song (verse and chorus). Simple songs, such as a Happy Birthday or Twinkle Twinkle are also ok, but sheet music is mandatory regardless of the song.


  • Commitments: Once selected, you must commit to the rehearsal schedule and sign a “commitment statement” at our WPP Mandatory Business Meeting in early December.

  • Attendance: You must attend all scheduled rehearsals for which you are called, prearranged conflicts notwithstanding. Final rehearsal schedule is made available in mid-December.

  • Annual Dues: Ensemble members must pay annual membership dues.

  • Ticket Sales: Ensemble members commit to selling at least 10 tickets (total) for the performances.


Audition Sign-Up will be available on the WPP website on October 18, 2018. Sign up closes November 7 @ noon or when filled, whichever comes first.

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