Get Involved

There are many ways to volunteer in the Woodland Park Players. We hold an informational meeting in the fall of each year to sign up new volunteers, and allow them to meet the crew heads.
For more information, please send a message to:

To be involved in Woodland Park Players in any capacity (cast, crew, organizers, volunteers, etc.), you must be a member.


No experience is required to audition to be a cast member for a Woodland Park Players production, but everyone interested in being in the cast must audition. Being cast in a production requires a major time commitment:

Costume Crew

The Costume Crew is responsible for making, collecting, borrowing, constructing, and designing the costumes for the production. They work with the costume designer(the head of the costume crew) and director to make all of the costumes for the production. They are also in charge of scheduling fittings/altercations for the whole cast. It is also necessary to have some of the costume crew at each performance, to work with the stage manager to get everyones costumes in place, and be on hand if anything happens.

Set Production

We need lots of volunteers to help build and paint sets. There will be more on exactly what needs to be done soon.

Stage Hands

The Stage Hands work with the Stage Manager to move the props and sets around during the production. If you would like to help, you would need to wear all black during the show and walk around backstage. If you helped both nights, you would not be able to see the show. This will be updated further once we have more information.